ARCHERY ELK:  This season was a good.  Shot opportunities were 100%.  Everyone had a shot and some big bulls escaped.  We hosted 8 hunters at Cascade and 6 at West Butte.  We took a couple of big bulls but the biggest bulls were were missed.  All in all the hunters had great opportunities and that is our ultimate goal.

RIFLE ELK:  We hosted 4 hunters at Cascade and 8 at Sheep Creek.  We went 3 for 4 at Cascade and 4 for 8 at Sheep Creek.  All bulls taken were mature 6 point bulls.  No huge bulls taken but we saw them.  The highlight was hosting a wounded war veteran with a prosthetic lower leg.  He took a bull at Cascade on the second hunt.  Special thanks to Jim and Jana of Skull Bound Outdoors for making this happen.

DEER:  Our deer hunting was outstanding as usual.  We only take a few trophy bucks and spots are in high demand.    We do offer a high quality management deer hunt where we target big old bucks.  I allow a cow elk to be taken on this hunt also.  Please call or email for details and availability.

SPRING BEAR:  We are now booking spring black bear hunts at our Sheep Creek camp.  I give great discounts for groups of 3 or more.  Also give discounts for youth hunters.  Please call or e-mail for details.

DROP CAMP:  We are again offering a drop camp for elk.  This is a private land hunt for elk and deer.  Looking for a group of 2 or 3.  Cost is $2,000 per person.  Please call or e-mail for details.